Saturday, January 10, 2009

Web browser changes for PC/OS 2009v2

This has been a long time coming. We at PC/OS have long looked at alternate browsers and what they mean for our users and partners. We evaluated epiphany, both the webkit based version and the Gecko version, we looked at Flock and you all know how that one turned out and we evaluated Opera. We have come to the conclusion that Opera would best serve our users. Its fast, lightweight and with the recent updates Opera is more compliant with the web than the other browsers and yes this includes Firefox. It includes features that we have to use addons for on Firefox and this greatly decreases the bloat. When security issues arise Opera is the fastest to market with fixes and they create native Ubuntu packages so thats a big help for distributors. The control group and beta testers have evaluated the Opera browser and all reported success and very little compatibility issues. The built in mail client is a success and works with imap and POP3 servers. This includes groupwise and even with Exchange servers imap features. Firefox and Thunderbird will still be in the repositories for those users that wish to have Firefox, but until further feedback from the community comes in we will be including Opera as the default. All further beta builds will have Opera included and Firefox removed. Osmo will be the default PIM and Calendaring app.

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