Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PC/OS WebStation

So how far along is PC/OS webstation and what can we expect from it.  PC/OS Webstation is the newest member of the PC/OS line, like OpenCore its a release that doesnt need to be updated as often due to the fact most of the applications are web based.  

So how does this differ from gOS?  Well we still use the same GUI with the same consistent look and feel.  If you the user decides that you wish to have offline apps you can do so with Synaptic.  We only include what we test, YouTube and MySpace work :)  We believe that the user experience lies in the application not by throwing Web 2.0 moniker around and that the user experience should be consistent with working on a local app, thats how come we serve everything up through Prism rather than having a standard browser session.  This release will be made public when PC/OS 2009v2 series goes live and Im almost positive there will be changes coming down the line so stay tuned

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