Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More on PC/OS Gnome and more surprises

This was a surprise for everyone.  I was so set for PC/OS to just be an XFCE release but, so many people requested that PC/OS have GNOME that it seemed like common place.  This was also done for people who were already on GNOME and didnt want to switch to XFCE so while GNOME will not be the default, its there.  Some have hated the idea, some have liked the idea but its there.

Another request I have had is to bring back the classic Window decoration for XFCE.  The Be type Window decoration and you know what.  One of the reasons I started PC/OS was to differentiate from the rest.  Some really hated the look but more than often people loved the look so to bring back the look as just a tribute was decided and starting with PC/OS 2009v2, after discussing this with the rest of the team we will be bringing back the Be look.  I know some will hate the idea, and more often than not others will love the idea and I have been fielding so many requests that that be brought back as the default Window Decoration it will be done.  A distribution should not be measured on the look that it adopts but should be measured on what the thing can do and as others have said, PC/OS is a more rounded distribution out of box than Ubuntu, than Linux Mint.  It should not matter what Window decoration I decide to use.  Does it demean BeOS and the accomplishments or innovations that Be Inc. brought to this industry?  No it doesnt.  So to all of you haters out there, sorry.  The majority has spoken and you have been out voted. 

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