Sunday, January 25, 2009

GNOME in PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2009v2

Like I told everyone a few Posts ago, we here at pcopensystems have heard your cries of the GNOME community, you want it we dont offer it.  Until now.  We have been evaluating the situation and have now bundled GNOME alongside XFCE for choice.  XFCE is still the default, the desktop still boots into XFCE by default and so does the live CD.  GNOME is now offered as an alternative and is now an option from the GDM.  This is only for OpenWorkstation.  OpenDesktop and WebStation are still an XFCE only release, sorry.  No way to bundle GNOME as an alternative due to size.  We do realize that this was a most requested addition both from users and from customers.  Another requested addition was Compiz and there was just no way around not including that as an option.

The beautiful thing is since GNOME is not the default it doesnt mess with speed much as it doesnt start the GNOME dependencies until you initiate GNOME, when you reboot if you havent chosen GNOME as your default desktop the dependencies still dont start.

If you have any questions or comments dont be afraid to leave them here, we love feedback.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I Love PC/OS
Gnome or XFCE i don't care
Been using it since early days,
Don't care if the toolbar is at top or bottom.
I just love that look, it's what made you different !

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