Thursday, February 26, 2009

PC/OS 2009v2 released

Today, Thursday February 26 2009 we are happy to announce the general availability of PC/OS 2009v2. The new release also introduces the new PC/OS WebStation 1.0. PC/OS OpenDesktop 2009v2 and PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2009v2 have been fully tested and ready for broad consumer adoption.

Some of the changes include a slightly tweaked user interface and updated packages and all important security updates applied. Some of the updated packages are as follows.

OpenDesktop 2009v2 which is targeted towards consumers and home users:

Opera 9.63
Boot Manager
TrueCrypt 6.0a
Skype 2.0
VLC 0.9.8

OpenWorkstation 2009v2 which is targeted towards developers, content creators and IT professionals:

GNOME desktop environment, LiveDVD and post install boots to XFCE.
Opera 9.63 3.0
Boot Manager
QT Designer
VLC 0.9.8
Wammu, Mobile Phone Manager
Truecrypt 6.0a

As always in a week or so we will have a feature pak released with some additional software packages. With this release we also introduce PC/OS WebStation 1.0. PC/OS WebStation 1.0 is a web oriented distribution. It has client side applications where it makes sense, multimedia playback, graphics editing but things like office, software, storage, IM are all web based.

PC/OS OpenDesktop and WebStation are available now from the download site.

PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2009v2 + multimedia extensions is available commercially only from for $14.99. After March 1st it goes up to $29.99.


Anonymous said...

Do you guys have any screenshots?

Roberto J. Dohnert said...

Look at the download site.

Anonymous said...

I finished reviving an ancient Dell laptop this weekend. I had been running XP and an older version of Xubuntu - unhappily. (I hadn't used the machine for a long, long time.) So I looked at Distrowatch and serendipitously decided to take a chance on your shiny new v2 and it's promise of out-of-the-box ease and uncharacteristic (for Linux) compatibility. It's everything I'd hoped Ubuntu would be way back when, and made me glad I formatted Windows into oblivion. So thanks for the good work and being there at just the right time.

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