Monday, February 9, 2009

TrueCrypt for data encryption

I have included TrueCrypt in PC/OS since release 2008 and its a very good tool.  A basic breakdown is that you can create virtual containers or you can encrypt an entire device.  Well I have had several experiences with the Virtual Containers so I decided to do a spare USB key that I had as well as a 10 gig USB external drive that I had for data use.

Setting up the volumes was not hard, you just had to click on Create Volume and click on create a volume within a partition and device select your device and continue.  Under PC/OS you need to know the device name /dev/sd* and you can encrypt the entire device.

Performance in encrypting is great, no slowdowns and even though its connected through USB its still pretty fast.  I noticed no significant slowdowns regarding file transfer either.  

I have never tried encrypting a drive and trying to install PC/OS on that drive.  Im assuming it would work equally well but I just dont have the spare drives with which to test.

Overall, for data encryption TrueCrypt is a great tool and a worthy edition to any Linux distribution.

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