Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thunderbird and Exchange

Some people have asked us about using Thunderbird with an Microsoft Exchange server so we looked and I have found an example that actually worked. Originally printed in DownloadSquad.

1. Go to Tools > Account Settings
2. Account Settings
3. Your Name can be anything
4. Email Address should be your work email address (including the "")
5. In Server Settings, Server Type should be IMAP Mail Server
6. Server Name: In Outlook, go to Tools > Address Book and right-click on the pull-down on the top right (it should say "Global Address Book") and select properties. The new window will have a text box that has your current server name in it, this is what you put into Thunderbird's server name box.
7. User name should be your login name for your PC
8. "Never" should be selected for secure connection
9. Edit the default outgoing server (SMTP)
10. Description can be anything
11. Server Name: In Outlook, go to Tools > Email Accounts > View/Change Existing > Next and double click on your default MS Exchange Server. In the new pop-up window, the top text box is the one with your outgoing server name. It might be something like Just put in "server" into Thunderbird's server name box, you don't need the "" part.
12. Check "Use name and password "
13. "User Name" should be your login name for your PC
14. "No" should be selected for "Use secure connection"
15. All other choices can be left as default, and you should now be able to get your email

Setting up Thunderbird to access your work's Global Address Book:

1. First off, get your Global Address Book server name. In Outlook, Tools > Address Book. Then right-click on "Global Address List" that appears in a drop-down menu and select "Properties". Copy the server name under "The current server is:".
2. In Thunderbird, Tools > Address Book
3. File > new > LDAP Directory
4. In the General tab, name it whatever you want to, and paste the server name into the "Hostname" area.
5. Base DN is going to be the stuff after junk separated by commas and set equal to dc. For example, using as your server name it would be dc=work,dc=com
6. Port number = 389 (default) then ok.

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