Sunday, April 11, 2010

Answers, answers and more Answers

There are a couple of misconceptions out there that we wanted to address and to get out of the way regarding the product. This is the teams official views and should be taken as such.

1. You are moving to a Fedora based system?

Maybe. We have been testing a build of PC/OS with Fedora 12. There are certain technological benefits to this, better SELinux support, support for Red Hat packages in the enterprise and we think it could be a value added solution for our users and customers. But, for now we are commited to Canonicals offerings. So while one exists there are no plans to distribute it right now. If we do we will still support existing systems with valid support contracts and yes, we would offer an LTS version of any releases we do of PC/OS using a Fedora base.

2. PC/OS 10.1.1 was the last before PC/OS 11?

That was the plan. But technology changes, bugs get discovered and fixed. We will be distributing PC/OS 10.5 in May. This is a bug fix release mostly. Not a bunch of new features planned. There are only three feature enhancements planned.

3. In the roadmap, you have a ? mark in one of the upcoming releases, is that the Fedora release?

No. That is a tightly integrated hardware / software solution that will be announced close to LinuxWorld. We are sure, everyone will be just as excited as we are.

4. With the release of Ubuntu 10.04, PC/OS development will cease?

No. We will continue to develop PC/OS after the release of Ubuntu 10.04. Yes we do think some of the things Canonical is doing are neat and we intend to join them in that, PC/OS will continue to be developed as long as it makes sense.

5. You are going to a retail product model with PC/OS to get rich?

No. We want to be able to pay the bills and make sure we can bring you the best. We want to do preloaded hardware, we want to be able to pay our developers and support the makers of supporting software products. We think the XFCE guys, Fragdelic of Remastersys and others deserve to be supported.

So there you have it, the five most common misconceptions of the future of PC/OS.

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