Thursday, August 1, 2013

OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6 released and new hardware initiative

Today we are releasing OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6 and unveiling our new hardware initiative.  This release comes with a lot of bug fixes and application updates.  We also have brought new functionality and services.

First, hardware services.   As a licensed ACER dealer we are bringing about a new hardware initiative.  We are bringing state of the art, powerful, beautiful and functional hardware to the OS/4 and Linux communities.  We believe state of the art software deserves state of the art hardware.  So we have a wide range of towers, laptops, all in ones and of course our most popular, OS/4 BriQ, is still avalaible.  We also have the engineering marvel, the Vision 64 all in one keyboard PC from Cybernet available.  All of these systems make great gifts and they make a great addition to any home or office.  Being a small company we do know the needs of  Home/office and small to medium sized businesses. We offer systems people can afford and they wont pay the premium that you get with other custom hardware/software bundles.  More information can be found here.

Secondly, we believe  in the environment and we believe in helping our mother earth.  Technology is often discarded when leases end and when offices dont want them anymore.  The problem is many of these systems are still good and they have a lot of life left in them and they wind up in the landfill anyway.  So we, at PC OpenSystems LLC and the OS/4 OpenLinux Project have teamed with our clients and we are taking these systems, refurbishing them and selling these systems to a new home at a cut throat rate.  They are fully tested and all broken parts are replaced and they get a brand new copy of OS/4 OpenLinux installed.  These are also great systems for someone who just wants a second PC around the house, a system for a college dorm room or for people who want an introduction to OS/4 at a low cost price point.  We also donate $10.00 from each sale to the Global Green Grants Fund .

More information on our green strategy and available systems can be found here  .

Third, software services.  We know that some of our users are engineers.  They develop software not just for Linux, but Windows and the Mac as well.  They also do mobile development.  All of our systems are not just a powerhouse for gaming and productivity, they also make a perfect complement to ANY engineers desk.  Our systems are tested and certified by us to run OS/4 OpenLinux and OS/4 Enterprise Linux but also CentOS, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  So you have the most popular Unix based and Linux based distributions and these systems have been tested to run Microsoft Windows 7/8 and Mac OS X.  Although we dont preinstall Windows and we cannot preinstall the Mac OS.  You guys can purchase those OS's and install yourselves.  Now, Mobile developers love Android.  Android is the future of mobile phones and tablets.  We ship every new system with a copy of VirtualBox and we will provide on demand, a virtual disk image of Android 4.3, complete with access to the Google play store.  Another image we provide is IcAROS, an Amiga type system that allows you to run legacy Amiga applications and games.  This has emulation software that runs classic Amiga 68K games and you can explore games and applications written for the AROS open source project.  These systems are excellent gaming, productivity and engineering rigs at a very affordable price point.

Now, for the moment you all have been waiting for.  OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6.  OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6 feels like a major release rather than an incremental one.

We have a major visual refresh.  From a brand new icon set with OS/4 VisualSubsystem 6 and Window manager themes.  We also have beautiful backgrounds that we have reworked at a resolution thats perfect for HDMI output so the background images dont look fuzzy on Hi Def televisions.  From our Plymouth theme, to the new metallic lettering on our default background.

With over 237 application and system updates and some new tools, we make your life as users and administrators easier.  It will make you feel like you have a brand new computer.

Firefox and Thunderbird have been updated to the latest releases.
Our infamous and most popular IDE Gambas 3 has been updated
QT has been updated
Disk Utility has been merged with System Imager 1.0 so users can image their hard drives and make distribution copies.  If you have a copy of OS/4 Enterprise 4.1.3 you can also do this with our custom Webmin plugin.
OpenJDK, OpenJRE and IcedTea Plugin have been updated and integrated more into Firefox.
FS-UAE, if you have a legal Kickstart ROM and copy of AmigaOS 3.x, you can run the legacy AmigaOS under the FS-UAE emulator.
AROS Subsystem, you can install this if you dont have a legal copy of AmigaOS 68k so you can run legacy applications and games as well as great AROS games and applications available today.  AROS Subsystem is located in the /opt folder of every copy of 32 and 64 bit
Updated Kernel, the new kernel has updated drivers and a full range of bug fixes and security updates.

These are just a few of the changes.

OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6 is our fastest revision to date and we still maintain integrity for lower powered systems. OS/4 can run on systems with as little as 512 mb of RAM and OS/4 screams on newer hardware configurations.  With OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6 we satiate the desires of home users and professional users alike.

You can download the new release from here

You can purchase a copy of OS/4 OpenLinux for $60.00 USD from the OpenSystems Marketplace on a free 8 gb USB key or SD Card.   You can order below for convenience.

USB Key and SD Card

If you want to donate to the OS/4 OpenLinux project you can do so here as well.  When you donate you help us take care of things like paying developers, fixing broken equipment as well as website maintenance and maintaining domain registrations.

Why donate? OS/4 is free of cost to download and funding is necessary to keep OS/4 free to download as well as aid in costs of maintaining a distribution

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