Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New support programs coming in January

Coming in January 2014 we are adding some features to our support contracts.  This is a change that will affect both the Black Lab Linux community and the Kubuntu community.

Starting January 2nd 2014 we will be adding support for the LTS releases of Kubuntu to our support subscriptions.  Now why are we doing this?

We use Kubuntu as a base for our Black Lab Linux KDE edition and since Kubuntu is not supported for enterprise deployment through Canonical  we are going to support it since we do support KDE and QT through the Enterprise release of Black Lab Linux.

Now, if your support subscription already calls for KDE support you will not be charged any extra for this addon and just let us know that you are deploying Kubuntu and it will be added to your support subscription contract.  The 2014 refresh of our support subscriptions are being worked on and will be announced through the month of December.

Some of the other changes that will be in the revised support subscriptions:

1. KDE 4.11, and QT 5.
2.  Application porting from SGI IRIX to Black Lab Enterprise Linux
3.  Kubuntu 12.04.x
4.  Black Lab Linux 4.2 KDE

On your support subscriptions for hardware we will be adding the following:

1.  Support for SGI MIPS architecture for a period of ONE calendar year
2.  Support for POWERPC architecture
3.  Support for the installation of Kubuntu 12.04.x on all hardware
4.  Support for the installation of Black Lab Linux KDE on all hardware

No specialized support subscription contracts will be drawn up to include these changes but they will be recognized as standard.

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