Monday, July 7, 2014

Black Lab Linux for Enterprise 5.0.3 and Black Lab Linux for Education 5.0.3 released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Black Lab Linux for Enterprise 5.0.3 and Black Lab Linux for Education 5.0.3.

Black Lab Linux for Enterprise and Black Lab Linux for Education are commercially supported Linux distributions targeted towards desktop computing.  While other Linux distributions focus on the server our sole focus is on the desktop.  We have many customers who use Black Lab Linux in different industries.  Science, education, law enforcement, music, film and warehouse.

With these releases we bring some important major updates to the Black Lab Linux OS. Although an incremental release we bring some changes. We once again prove why Black Lab Linux is an important IT upgrade to your school or business.

1. New streamlined visual experience.  We now use the KDE Desktop as the default desktop for both Enterprise and Education.  The one thing we have done by listening to customers is updated the UI to a more modern look and feel as well as provide an experience that is familiar and will require much less retraining than moving to Red Hat or any other Enterprise Linux distribution.

2. Updated kernel. We have updated the kernel to include drivers for a wider variety of devices and systems. Point of Sale devices and systems. We have greatly improved the driver support for users who want to run Black Lab Linux on Point of Sale machines. We also support this kernel until 2019.

3. Thunderbird Suite has become more of a groupware suite than just a mail client. We include full support for the Google Apps for Business line, we also include a new translation utility so you can translate e-mails sent to you in a different language to the language of your choice as well as translating e-mails that you write to different languages. We also support full calendar functionality.

4. Wine has been updated so you can run many of your mission critical apps that are written for Windows in Black Lab Linux. We have also made installing those apps more convenient so users coming from Windows can install their apps as easily as they do on the Windows platform.

5. Support for Windows terminal services. We support the full line of Windows Terminal Services through the use of the Remote Desktop Protocol as well as through the Citrix client so users who have Windows Terminal Servers can continue to run them or integrate Black Lab Linux into their environment.

6. Command Line install. We have included a command line installer for users who want to install on a headless server or system.

7. New web app support. We made creating web apps simple, painless and seamless with the ICE utility from the PeppermintOS team. You just simply enter the URL choose the menu where you would like it stored and hit enter. This works for LAN based apps as well as web apps.

8. Support for new app drawers. Are you tired of a cluttered taskbar? Simply create an app drawer and drop all your commonly used applications in it. You can download the how-to from here.

9. Support for NVIDIA CUDA and Android development. We included all the prerequisites and tuned Black Lab Linux for Enterprise for these unique development environments. If you meet the hardware requirements, Black Lab Linux can host the SDK's and you can begin development at any time.

10. The Black Lab SDK 1.7 is included which contains all development IDE's and tools for developing in Java, Python, C++, ADA, Objective C, MONO, Fortran , and PASCAL

We have also included all updates to the system up to July 3, 2014. Black Lab Linux for Education also contains all these great enhancements as well as all critical updates for our educational programs included in that distribution.

Pricing, we have arranged pricing so we are affordable and competitive with Red Hat, Oracle and SUSE. We offer 2 different unlimited subscription themes, one for education and the other for enterprise that allow you to install Black Lab Linux on as many systems as you would like. You can find out more about pricing and more information on the product page

With Black Lab Linux for Enterprise and Black Lab Linux for Education you get a dedicated team, as well as a focus on enterprise and educational desktop computing that is unmatched in todays enterprise and education linux markets. For more information on what our subscription service provides please read the following datasheet.

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