Saturday, August 2, 2014

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6 Preview now available

We have released the Preview of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6.  The release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 6 signals our 8 years of operation in the enterprise and education sectors.  There were three things that we focused on with this release.

A) Compatibility.  We have worked to be as compatible with other Linux distributions as well as Microsoft Windows.
B) Security.  Security and data security is paramount.  We have built in DoD specification wipe, stronger folder and file encryption as well as setting system access times.
C) Management.  We have built in utilities to help users manage VM's, to help them manage Windows systems and to ease the management of their Black Lab Enterprise Linux environments

With this release we have made some major improvements to the Black Lab Enterprise stack.

1.  GNOME 3, Our default desktop is now a customized GNOME 3.  We bring to Black Lab Enterprise the most popular and some would say defacto standard of enterprise Linux distributions.
2.  Based on the Ubuntu 14.04 system.  Using Ubuntu 14.04 we bring alot of things aside from a newer kernel.  We ensure compatibility with the #1 Linux distribution in the world this includes application support and OpenStack support.
3.  LibreOffice 4
4.  Evolution 3.10.4
5.  Firefox 31
6.  PostgreSQL 9.3
7.  OpenLDAP
8. Samba
9.  GLOM Database Creator
10.  PowerBroker Identity Services Open 8
11. Remmina and Vinagre for RDP and Remote Support
12.  VNC support
13.  GUFW
14.  Terminal Services Support
15.  VMWare Manager, allows you to manage VMWare Virtual Machines from Black Lab Linux.
16.  Timekeeper - System Access utility

Among many more applications and kernel enhancements.

If you are currently a user of Black Lab Enterprise Linux, drop us an e-mail and we will send you a copy of the preview to test against.

This Preview is not intended for production use.  We offer no warranty either expressed or implied for data loss or corruption.

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