Monday, September 22, 2014

Black Lab Ice Desktop and Ice Desktop Pro v2 Released

Today we are pleased to release the refresh of two of our most requested workstations. The Ice Desktop which is our consumer based system and the Ice Desktop Pro which is our professional version of these workstations. 


The Black Lab Ice Desktop is a mini form factor PC that is good for the home or office.  With lots of RAM and hard drive space this system is perfect for gaming, listening to music and watching High Definition videos.

AMD Athlon 5150 Quad Core 1.60GHZ
RAM 4 GB expandable to 32 gb
DVD SuperMulti
USB 8-in-1 card reader
Gigabit Ethernet
Integrated Wifi
AMD Radeon HD 8400 Video Card
UEFI and Secureboot Capable

Price: $570.00 USD
Price with 3 year Warranty: $650.00 USD

With a form factor and feature set that could dub this machine the worlds first desktop Supercomputer.  The Black Lab Ice Pro has just the right amount of power to complete any task from writing invoices to doing scientific analysis to working with huge datasets the Black Lab Ice Pro is the most expandable and versatile for businesses.  Now your business can have the same power and performance that many high end labs, studios and government agencies use.  With its unique space saving design and small form factor you get a ton of bang for the buck.  With the quality of the most advanced Enterprise Linux desktop distribution and a great price you cant beat this system

AMD Six-Core FX-6300 3.50GHz
16GB Memory,
DVDRW+Blu-Ray Combo
1GB AMD Radeon HD 7770
Built in Ethernet
Wireless Adapter
Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
UEFI and Secureboot Capable

Price  $1,299.99 USD
Price with 3 year Warranty $1,369.99 USD

These systems come with industry standard AMD/ATI video cards as well as a keyboard and mouse and at the most affordable price in this market.

Both systems come standard with Black Lab Linux 6.0 and are available with warranty.  They are also capable of running Windows 8.1 as well as Ubuntu as supported options.  Order yours today from our ordering pages:

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