Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Black Lab Linux 6.5 Status update

Ok, so we are hard at work on 6.5 and while the GUI wont change much we have tweaked it.

For the GUI we now have:
Multimedia menus in the status shelf
We added the Quit option from the Dock so you dont have to bring up the application from a minimized state just to close it.

The GNOME modifications we have made are well like so Im not changing much.

Application and feature wise we are changing quite a bit.

Dayplanner is being removed. Most users use the Thunderbird suite for calendaring so really there isnt much reason to keep it.

Autoswitching sources. We have really worked with the GNOME team and the Kernel team to get that working properly. Right now in its current state you can plug in a HDMI cable and it will automatically adjust to your TV's resolution. Unfortunately you still have to manually set your sound but we are working with the PulseAudio guys to get that working so hopefully auto audio switching will work by the time 6.5 is released.

Memory consumption, the GNOME release during 6.0 was using 380mb of RAM on first bootup. We have lowered that to 305mb , only 1 mb more than our XFCE release.

Beats Support. While Beats audio still plagues the Linux community because of lack of drivers, we have created an audio profile that automatically configures the sound mixer so that your Beats hardware will play and the user doesnt have to mess with settings and try to configure it themselves. While not a driver, its the best we could do for you guys.

GTK 3.14 support. Yes, there is a Santa Claus. We have included support for GTK 3.14. While our GNOME version wont be changing until 7 next year. We are working to make sure that apps written for that library will run.

Tricaster support. We have worked with NewTek to make Black Lab Linux installable on the NewTek tricaster. While we dont host the TricasterOS, if you have an old Tricaster sitting around you can install Black Lab on it and make it a desktop. Only Black Lab Professional Desktop 6.5 will have the support for the Tricaster systems.

Now, XFCE:

XFCE is still important to us and we do have some changes rolling into that release. We will be compiling all the recent GIT changes into the current stack.

So with this release, hardware support much improved. GNOME support much improved, XFCE and QT support very much improved.

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