Thursday, January 15, 2015

Black Lab Linux KDE 6.0 SR1

Today we are announcing that back by popular demand is the KDE release of Black Lab Linux.  We have a long history with KDE and  it has always been one of our more popular releases and the KDE desktop is the most requested desktops for our custom build service.  With this release we are bringing it to the general public.  With this release we made many changes to the KDE desktop to make it more friendly to novices as well as power users alike.  The KDE release like all of our releases of Black Lab Linux is based on the LTS version of Ubuntu and so you can be rest assured of continued support by us and by Canonical

Built on the base of Black Lab Linux 6, the KDE release contains the following software.

KDE 4.14.2
Firefox 35
Thunderbird with the Lightning Extension
Backup Utility
Dragon Player
All multimedia codecs
Muon Software Center
Firewall utility

And many, many more software packages included and many more waiting to be discovered.

Some of the customizations that we make with Black Lab Linux KDE is that we cut off all unnecessary services and effects so we trim down the memory requirements for the system.  Many people have asked, what do we get that we wouldnt get with vanilla Kubuntu?  We include everything you need as a desktop system completely out of box.  You get streaming music, audio and video, office applications, system management tools, gaming facilities, and the ability to create your own desktop webapps.  So if you use Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online you can use them with Black Lab Linux.  Filesharing is made easy both by industry standard networking tools as well as through Dropbox.  So with that lets go ahead an answer a few questions that users may have.

Q) Will you guys be switching from GNOME3 to KDE now?
A) No, GNOME3 will continue to be our default window manager we are offering KDE as an alternative desktop for users.  Rightfully so because demand has been so high.

Q) Will KDE be offered alongside GNOME3 for professional desktop users?
A) Yes, KDE and GNOME3 are the only two choices users get on the Pro Desktop series. 

Known issues

Installer still sports Kubuntu Branding - We are working on a new installer
Older NVIDIA cards may not work in live mode but the direct install option does work.
No installer on desktop in live mode - Open the menu and go to the system submenu and the installer is there.

You can download Black Lab Linux KDE from our Sourceforge Page

Black Lab Linux KDE 6.0 SR1 x86_64

If you are would like installable media or are on bandwith restrictions or you would like to purchase Black Lab Linux KDE on a Live USB, Live SD card or Live DVD please visit our store:

Buy Black Lab Linux

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