Thursday, June 11, 2015

Online Privacy and Security

We get asked this all the time; how do I stay anonymous online? The answer is you cant. Thats the basics of it. The only way to be anonymous online is to throw away your cell phone and unplug that network cable from the back of your computer and NEVER go online again. PERIOD. These people that "sell" or advertise these customized Linux distros and recommend the Tor network, it is all misleading. Being anonymous online is a fantasy.  People point to Edward Snowden and Tor as an example.  How did he move all this information?  The answer is very simple.  They didn't know he was doing it and they weren't looking for him.  Others point to proxies.  You have a couple of issues with proxies.  If you try to filter your traffic through a bunch of proxies you will eventually hit a performance and speed issue.  You also have the problem that with all traffic you have a start and an end point.  First of all, the government has been spying on private citizens since before the times of technology. Computing and the always on devices has made it easier.  The question is not how do you stay anonymous. The question is how much in terms of resources someone is going spend to find out what you are doing. If you intend to commit Jihad, kill a president, blow up buildings or commit mass genocide on a school playground then they care. Unless you fit the criteria of terrorist, child porn peddler or mass murderer the chances are you are not on the NSA's most wanted list. 

We leave digital fingerprints everywhere we go. From services, to search, music videos you watch to what Netflix shows you watch. Its called e-biometrics. Human beings are creatures of habit.  Search companies, data analytics companies can tell EVERYTHING about you by what you do. So anyone who tells you that they have this perfect solution, Tor, GPG, proxies etc etc. They amount to nothing more than snake oil salesmen. The best example of this was recently Silk Road which operated on the deep web and the Tor Network which was shut down by the FBI and the proprietor was imprisoned for life.  So really, being anonymous online. It will never happen, and more importantly it cant be done.

This is why Black Lab Software does not advertise, produce or mislead customers and potential customers by what we do and dont include in our distributions.  While yes, we can help you secure your servers and desktops against crackers using proper security measures and techniques we cannot guarantee any solution or program will keep you "anonymous" once data leaves your own internal networks.  Anyone who says they can is lying to you.

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