Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Black Lab Enterprise Linux DP3 has been released!!

Today PC / Opensystems LLC is pleased to announce its very first OS update of the year for Black Lab Enterprise Linux : version, 8.0, Developer Preview 3. DP3 (for short) previews many of the enhancements which will be featured in the upcoming stable release of the BLE Linux desktop.  PC / Opensystems stays in touch with our end-users;all fixes that have been introduced are based on feedback from customers and developers around the globe.

First widely requested change : make the desktop more traditional.  A bottom-centered taskbar and tasklist are anchored by a button aptly named the Launchbar.

Our object oriented, Xfce-based desktop is stable, modular and very fast : dollar-for-dollar, the Workspace Manager will give you the most bang-for-your-buck, whether on a Core 2 Duo or an next-gen i7, without the unnecessary overhead of KDE or Cinnamon.

Second feature, not a change : our app lineup has stayed the same;it's better than any other enterprise class OS out there. Every application has been updated to the newest stable version, running on our rock-solid base.  

DP3 has:

Linux kernel 3.19 (soon to be updated to 4.x series on final release)
LibreOffice 5.4
Folder level encryption
Removable drive encryption
Mono 4
GTK 3.16
Angular and Typescript support
Improved support for Android Studio
Chromium with Java support via the IE-On-Chrome extension*
Webmin for remote access administration
Support for the XBox One Kinect and Controller

*(Planned for final release)

We have made the following improvements to BLE Linux hardware support :

Improvements to UEFI compatibility for Secureboot systems
Better resolution for 4K displays
Multiple wireless-device-connectivity, out-of-the-box
Improved convertible and touchscreen
Improved display on multi-monitor setups

PC / Opensystems plans to unveil 4 more developer previews before the final release lands in June 2016.

Download DP3 from :

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8 DP3  MD5

If you wish to order the current development preview release, you will be entitled to a free upgrade to Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8. DP3 can be ordered from our Web Store

Due to its nature, changes will occur between DP3 and the final release in June.  Developer previews expire May 20, 2016, 1 week prior to the formal, final release.

Thank you.

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