Thursday, October 16, 2014

Black Lab Professional Desktop 6.0.1 released

Today we released a slight incremental update to Black Lab Professional Desktop 6.  This release, Black Lab Professional Desktop 6.0.1 addresses three issues that users have reported to us.

1.  Samba Networking - Some users filed issues where Files wasnt automatically picking up created shares.  This issue has now been fixed.

2.  Single Core - Some single core systems that were 64 bit capable would register an error during installation citing that the system could not be installed and continue with the installation anyway.  This was potentially negative for users so the error code was removed.

3.  Wifi Stability - When going into standby Wifi would disconnect and refuse to reconnect unless the user rebooted the system.  This issue was fixed with the 3.13.0-37 Kernel update.  This error is NOT present in the 3.17 Kernel Kit.

Among that we refreshed the system with the 3.13.0-37 kernel as well as the following:

1.  All October security updates have been applied to the system.
2.  Firefox 33 is now included
3.  All GNOME 3 UI enhancements from RC1 have been applied
4.  OpenSSH server has been installed but not enabled
5.  Skype 4.3 has been updated in the /opt/extras folder

For current users all you have to do is open the terminal and type "sudo apt-get update " and then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"

Or you can download the new ISO from the Sourceforge Page

Black Lab Professional Desktop 6.0.1 x86_64

If you wish to purchase a copy or a corporate subscription of Black Lab Professional Desktop 6.0.1 and get 12 months of phone and e-mail support as well as enable advanced features please visit our Buy It Now Page.

Purchase support Subscriptions for Black Lab Professional Desktop

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