Sunday, October 19, 2014

Refurbished Systems

Today we are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Tiger Direct to bring you guys refurbished PC's with Black Lab Linux. With refurbished machines most people see them as junk when they are perfectly capable systems of running a full featured, mature and advanced Linux desktop system like Black Lab Linux. Now, we have established some criteria for these systems:

1. The systems will be no older than 7 years old
2. The systems will come with a MINIMUM of 2 gb of RAM and an 500 gb hard drive
3. The systems will come with a warranty option
4. The systems will be fully tested before they are shipped

We will be offering RAM and HDD upgrades for a fee.

We caught up with Roberto J. Dohnert and we asked him a few questions regarding these systems.

Q. What is our green strategy?
A) To offer systems that come off of lease and systems that may not be able to keep up with the advances of Microsoft technologies.

Q) Who is the target audience of these systems?
A) Consumers who want a low price point introduction to Linux, and for users like schools, hotels and businesses who may not need a whole lot of computing power who just need something for consumption of web apps, kiosks and just everyday office work like using a word processor for creating documents and they are great multimedia workstations so you can use these for those kinds of tasks and if a user wants to create a living room media center. Also startups will also find the express value of these systems not only because they are high grade quality systems but also because of the low cost alternative to proprietary operating systems Black Lab Linux.

Q) What memory and hard drive upgrades will be available?
A) 4 to 8 gb of RAM and 1 TB Hard Drives

Q) Will these be sold through Tiger Direct or from us?
A) Initially they will be sold through the Black Lab Software site. We are continuing discussions with Tiger Direct on them also reselling Black Lab Linux on these systems, because of the upcoming holiday season we are optimistic that by February 2015, you will see Black Lab Linux on sale in Tiger Direct, available with these systems.

Q) Will we still continue to offer the higher end consumer and professional desktop systems?
A) Yes we will. For those that need more computing power 

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