Thursday, December 18, 2014

Black Lab Education Desktop 6.0 BETA 2 Released

Today we have released the second beta for the new release of our award winning education focused distribution, Black Lab Education Desktop.  The Black Lab Education Desktop 6 release focuses on the rock solid base of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, which also includes functionality and feature support until 2019 and security and bug fix support until 2021 and we include an application lineup for education users that is untouched by any other education focused Linux distribution.

Here are the new changes in the Black Lab Education Desktop.

GNOME 3.10.4, modified GNOME 3 desktop to make it easier for tradition users
Kernel 3.13.0-43.50
Parental Controls, we have brought back Parental and access controls that can be used to block websites and manage time spent on machines.
Thunderbird Suite 31.3 with built in Google Apps support and translation utilities
Firefox 34 with built in translation utilities
LibreOffice 4.3.4
Full NFS support
Updated nitroshare for passing files between systems
Synergy so instructors can take control of a students PC easily and efficiently
Tux suite of educational tools.
Kinect and Wii support

Along with 360 updates to the previous Beta for security and application updates.

Pricing:  We have worked very hard to be competitive on pricing and we follow trends on education spending, so the custom configuration  for education has changed.  So we have 1 and 2 seat licenses as well as custom configuration and unlimited licensing.  For custom configuration the price is $1,000.00 for unlimited licenses for your district.  For the stock build of Black Lab Education Desktop, the price is $300.00 USD for unlimited licensing.  Unlimited licensing means you can deploy it on as many machines as you would like and you have unlimited redistribution rights so you can give a copy to your teachers, to your students and they get the exact same 1 year Telephone and e-mail support that the schools get.  Upon final release we will have a digital download option where you can download it from a secure server for $40.00 USD for one license and you get the same one year support.

If you purchase hardware you will get the OS for free preinstalled as well as a free year of support licensing.

You will also be able to download it for free and get community forum support or as we call it self-support.  You also wont have the commercial application support, Oracle, IBM, Red Hat etc. or the Active Directory integration support.

To get the Beta you can download it from the Sourceforge page for x86_64 systems.

Black Lab Education Desktop 6.0 Beta 2 x86_64

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