Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why we dont do servers?

I have been asked several times.  Why don't you guys release a server OS?  There is really no technical reason why we don't do a server OS.  I think the more appropriate question is why would we do a server OS?  Linux is fairly good on the server.  We have many broad choices and thats why we don't do a server OS.  The server market is fairly well taken care of.  We work with Red Hat, we work with SUSE Enterprise, and we work with Oracle Linux.  When we go look at an infrastructure we see one of those three, we also see some Windows, Solaris and a few HP-UX boxes. So it was more of a practical decision NOT to do a server release.  Those who need a distribution just for file or print services or a cluster node can utilize Black Lab Linux for that through our CoreOS offering.  But we decided to stick with doing a spectacular desktop build.  When we looked at offering from Red Hat, SUSE and Oracle we looked at it and said there is so much more to desktop computing than what these guys offer.  So we set out to build it and make a system that is user-friendly, commercially supported and one where we listen to you, the user or customer, and build it the way YOU feel it should be built.

When we do get requests for server systems we work with our partners, Red Hat and/or Oracle. If you need more information on our consumer edition and professional desktop offerings of Black Lab Linux please visit the following links.



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