Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Black Lab Software: 2015 Outlook

We have already outlined the road map for our software which is viewable from the Black Lab Linux project site.

Here we are outlining the outlook for Black Lab Software Inc. the commercial side including hardware and software.

2014 was a great year for us.  Our growth from 2013 stayed on the incline.

  • Black Lab Professional Desktop and Black Lab Education Desktop had tremendous growth and adoption through 2014 and we expect that to continue through 2015.  We want to add at least 10 new clients and licensee's through 2015.
  • Hardware sales through 2014 also rose.  We have discontinued 85% of our hardware and retained the systems that were the most popular which resulted in the retention of 1 consumer desktop and 2 business desktops.  We had over a 150% increase in hardware sales over 2013 and we plan to double that in 2015.  
  • Some of the more popular practices was our ability to preload these systems with whatever software packages the client wanted whether engineering, graphics and animation.
  • The inclusion of KDE as a secondary option to GNOME Shell for the Professional Desktop distribution was well received and we have had great reception and input from customers.
Plans through 2015

  • Create our first ARM release for ARM based systems such as the Raspberry Pi
  • Milestones include Black Lab Education Desktop 6 and Black Lab Professional Desktop 6 with release 7 coming Christmas 2015
  • Retail Intel NUC systems with Black Lab Linux in summer of 2015
  • Release Black Lab Image Creator for Ubuntu 15.04/15.10 with UEFI support.
So those are our plans for Black Lab Software Inc. for 2015

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