Thursday, September 16, 2021

Xandros OpenDesktop 2021 Released

Today the PC/Opensystems Enterprise development team is pleased to announce the release of Xandros OpenDesktop 2021. This update offers unprecedented reliability and performance. Utilizing the lean XFCE desktop environment, Xandros OpenDesktop allows you to maximize the value of your current hardware, allowing you to decide what applications you want to run and what role you want your system(s) to provide. 

This platform has been repeatedly tested and proven to provide rock solid performance and dependability, desktop PC or mobile. Xandros OpenDesktop is the first step in the new direction that PCOS is taking to transition our entire stack to a secure cloud platform. We have reworked OpenDesktop so that not only do we utilize top of the line web based applications, but the user or organization can add any local applications that they choose from the vast Xandros / Ubuntu / Debian repositories. A smaller resource footprint also makes Xandros the logical choice among available commercial Linux desktops for legacy hardware or EOL Chromebooks. 

While Xandros OpenDesktop has been demonstrated to run extremely well on traditional desktop, mobile systems and workstations, you can also also purchase one of our own optimized and fully supported desktop / mobile systems from PC/OpenSystems. Because Microsoft Office 365 is so popular among our business and education customers. Xandros OpenDesktop comes in two flavors : 1). Standard which contains Google web apps and 2). 2021 Office 365 which contains all of Microsoft's web applications as well its Bing search engine. Xandros OpenDesktop 2021 Office 365 provides you with the document format compatibility you love. Plus a familiar desktop environment / minus the overhead you can expect from the upcoming Windows 11 OS. Xandros uses less of your hardware’s resources and doesn’t have any of the TPM 2.0 requirements, leaving your systems free to perform their intended function : run your LOB applications. All of this will of course be supported 24x7 by PCOS’ trusted infrastructure. 

Xandros OpenDesktop 2021 in any of its flavors is the only commercial Linux desktop alternative to the upcoming Windows 11 that you need. Xandros OpenDesktop 2021 also features : 

Full GUI System – XFCE + DWN Tiling Window Manager 
LTS Kernel 5.4.0-81 
OpenSSH Client 
Google Chrome 
Ice SSB 
Chrome web application framework 
NFS / XFS / JFS / BTRFS / ZFS - exFAT support 
Multimedia support 
Remote Administration capability 
Biometric Services 
LDAP Directory services 
Microsoft Powershell 
Visual Studios Code 

With a 12 month / 3 year Phone, e-mail, and remote support available, you can rest assured that PC/OpenSystens LLC will keep your systems running smoothly for years to come. We also deliver custom ISOs for customers which contain the applications that your business requires. Contact for details.  You can purchase Xandros OpenDesktop 2021 from this release statement or from our webstore.

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